Our Community history

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Maribyrnong North West Emmaus Community


The first initiative in forming a new community was taken by Jim Tilson, who called meetings of interested people.


Steering committee formed by Melbourne Emmaus Community to explore possibility of the formation of a new Community in the North West of Victoria, Australia.


Formation of the new Maribyrnong North West Emmaus Community Board.


1st April: The new Community was registered with National and registration recorded with the Upper Room, USA.

17th April: Maribyrnong Northwest Emmaus Community was commissioned at a gathering in Echuca, Victoria.

July: Walks 1 and 2 were run at Lady Northcote Camp, under guidance of Melbourne Emmaus Community.

Men’s and Women’s Walks have been held each year except for 2004 in which there were two Men’s and Women’s Walks.


July: Walks 23 and 24 at Lake Dewar.

12th Sep: 10th Year Anniversary Celebrations at the Sydenham Baptist Church.


July: Walks 25 and 26 at Lake Dewar.


February: Held our first Going Fourth Day at Echuca.
1st April: Hosted the National Secretariat Conference at Lake Dewar.
July: Walks 27 and 28 were held at Lake Dewar.


July: Walks 29 and 30 at Lake Dewar
September/October: Walks 31 and 32 at Camp Curumbene


May: Walk 34 at Adekate Lodge.

September: Walks 33 at Camp Curumbene. (Original Men's Walk 33 at Adekate was cancelled due low pilgrim numbers.)


July: Walks 35 and 36 at Camp Curumbene

13th Sep: 15th Year Anniversary Gathering at the Melton Uniting Church.


July/August: Walks 37 and 38 at Upper Plenty Conference Centre


August: Women's Walk 40 at Camp Curumbene

September: Mens's Walk 39 was combined with Melbourne Emmaus Community at Palotti College.


September: Going Fourth Day at Werribee Baptist Church.

No Walks, (due to Men's Lay Director withdrawal).


July/August: Planned Walks 41 and 42 at Camp Getaway, Axedale.

March/October: Planned Going Fourth Days at Epsom and Wendouree.